I would like to share my incredible personal experience after receiving Magna Wave treatments from Penny Stuart.   I have struggled with very serious health problems for 6 years.   When I was 27 my lower back gave out due to 2 degenerated disks.  I experienced severe debilitating sciatica in my right leg.  For 6 months I couldn’t walk around without having to lie down because of the extreme nerve pain and inflammation.  My leg atrophied by 1/3; I lost weight which was not good since I have always been thin.   I had to have someone drive me around because it hurt too much to sit up for more than a few minutes.   I finally recovered to the point where I could manage the pain through diet and exercise, just enough to function.

I lived with this chronic back pain for years and then I was diagnosed with skin cancer.  I treated my cancer naturally and thanks be to God, I was healed.  While I was recovering from cancer, the sciatica came back again.  After suffering for months I learned about MagnaWave therapy.  I already understood that electro-magnetic medicine was the on the cutting edge of therapy, with all the studies to prove it.  I was really excited to see what it could do to heal my nerve damage and deep-seated pain.  I started the treatments with Penny and I was immediately amazed at how powerful it was.   The Magna Wave literally “blasts” apart the clustered cells that keep the blood from circulating properly.   I could feel very old pain blockages being broken through as the healing waves passed through my body.

I am very happy to report that after only 5 treatments all of my sciatic pain is GONE!…and it has never come back.   The deep-seated pain in my back has been greatly helped.  I have told all my friends and now I am sharing my story.  I hope others will learn all they can about Magna Wave therapy and get treatments from Penny.  I know you will feel better.  Everyone should get Magna Wave treatments because of all the benefits it is proven to give, especially anyone who suffers from chronic pain.

Penny is a natural therapist!  She is so in tune with this machine; she really knows how to give the best treatment possible.  Penny knows how to find and focus on the source of the pain with a highly trained ear and impressive knowledge of muscular anatomy.   She is so pleasant and understanding, I immediately felt comfortable with her like she was an old friend.  Honestly Penny doesn’t charge enough for her talented operation of this incredible machine, but I know that she gets a lot of satisfaction out of helping people (and horses) feel better.

Thank you so much Penny, how can I ever repay you?  Now I walk and run without pain!  I am excited to get more therapy sessions.

Wesley Lounsbury


I was in a car accident almost ten years ago and have suffered from shoulder pain that was caused from the seat belt preventing me from going through the windshield.  It was never a debilitating pain, but it was always there and I would experience occasional flare-ups with rainy weather or muscle strain.  I sought treatment for years.  I tried cortisone injections, chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, massage; everything. Nothing seemed to work for very long.

I tried Magna Wave (PEMF) therapy, hoping for improvement. Within one session, I experienced a noticeable improvement.  There was such a difference in my range of motion and ability to move my shoulder freely, that I committed to a package of six sessions.  By about the fourth session, I was virtually pain free.  By the end of the sixth session, I was totally restored the way I was before the accident.  My shoulder remained pain free for about six months and then when a big storm rolled in, I felt a small tinge of pain in my shoulder.  I immediately contacted Penny and one session later, was pain free again.  Penny recommended tune-up sessions when I feel the slightest pain. She recommends Magna Wave when you don’t think you need it instead of waiting until you do.  My shoulder pain is completely gone and it seems that my tune-up sessions are more and more infrequent.  I suspect that I will continue with Magna Wave as a maintenance therapy just to keep my body at peak performance.

I would sincerely recommend Magna Wave to anyone with chronic pain.  It was the only thing that really worked for me and it was completely non-invasive.  My life is so greatly improved now without nagging shoulder pain that I can’t imagine what it would be like to go back and try to live with pain again.  It is unnecessary to needlessly suffer.  Get the help that you need.  I can assure you that you will be glad that you did.

Penny is great!  She is truly skilled at zeroing in on where the pain is originating from.  It is not always coming from where you think.  She has a healing way about her and a great bedside manner.  She also has an extensive knowledge of the human anatomy and instinctively understands how the body reacts to pain. She was willing to explain things to me and I felt like I had a part in my own therapy. I would recommend her specifically.  I am not sure that all therapists are created equally, but it is obvious to me that she really loves her work and has a gift for healing.

Mark West


I have been a horse trainer for over thirty years and I have seen many trends in therapy come and go over the years.  Some work; most do not.  As a result, I have adopted the philosophy that most things work themselves out with time and rest.  However, I must say that Magna Wave (PEMF) therapy has been one of the most significant treatments that I have personally experienced and that has come into my barn in more than thirty years.  I have been treated personally, my training horses have been treated and I have seen how it really works.  I would highly recommend that any professional training barn make it a point to operate with its own, in-house, Magna Wave (PEMF) machine.

I had been experiencing shoulder pain for several years that seemed to become chronic around horse show season.  I spent many hours in the buggy, driving horses and over weeks and months, would become so painful that it was difficult for me to raise my arms.  I would have to brace my arms when holding the reigns because driving would hurt so much.  I tried many methods for relief including chiropractic adjustments and pain medication, but the only thing that would relieve the pain was rest and time; something horse trainers are always in short supply of.  At the Scottsdale Arabian Horse show I was in so much pain that it was difficult for me to function.  Penny asked if she could use me as a guinea pig and try Magna Wave therapy on me.  I was reluctant, but agreed that I would report how I felt each day.  After my first treatment, my pain level was immediately reduced to about 65% of what it was the day before.  At the second treatment, I was at about 90% reduced and by the third treatment, I was totally pain free.  I did the therapy for about thirty minutes every day for three or four days and have been totally pain free for about six months.  I have maintenance sessions occasionally to keep everything in good working order, but I have not changed my training methods or schedule and have still been able to operate pain free.  I am definitely a believer and feel that everyone should have regular Magna Wave therapy.

At about the same time, Penny started using Magna Wave therapy on some of the training horses in the barn.  I immediately saw a remarkable difference in them.  They were softer and smoother.  They worked much better in the bridle.  They were using their ears; they were supple. They seemed so much happier and when I would examine and palpate areas of previous soreness, I would not get any reaction.   The horses were energized and renewed.  They had extra stamina at horse shows.  We started seeing the results in the ribbons.  It was amazing.   I cannot imagine showing horses now without Magna Wave therapy.  It is the edge that is needed for that extra 10%.  I would highly recommend Magna Wave to anyone; people and horses.

Arthur Ramirez