Meet Penny

Penny Stuart developed her love of helping people as a young girl when her father became a medical doctor and began practicing medicine. “Medicine has always been in our family. My father and uncle went to medical school together; my step-mother became a doctor and several of my cousins followed suit and joined the medical profession. My family operated a free medical clinic when I was young and as kids, we were always encouraged to do our part. I have always gravitated towards a natural approach to medicine, whenever possible so working with PEMF /Magna Wave therapy is a very good fit for me.”

“Magna Wave has provided me the ability to offer cutting edge technology that the average person may not even know exists, much less had the opportunity to try. There are a lot of non­invasive therapy options available that the general public does know about like acupuncture, chiropractic care, massage, etc., but not very many people know about Electronic Pulse Therapy. This is my opportunity to bring PEMF/Magna Wave to the public and educate them about this option for good health. The results speak for themselves. Individuals with chronic pain have become pain free after only a few treatments.”

Penny’s love of horses began when she was a teenager and spent a lot of time on her Aunt and Uncle’s horse ranch in Northern California. “They just kind of turned the place over to us. There weren’t any other kids around, so they just let us go crazy. We learned all about each one of the horses individually and what made each one tick. Over time I developed a lasting bond with horses that has never left me.”

For the last ten years, Penny has owned, bred, shown and exhibited Arabian, Half-Arabian and American Saddlebred Show horses at a national level. As an owner, it has always been her goal to put the needs of her horses first. “There is nothing like a well taken care of and happy show horse. They will perform their heart out for you way beyond their capabilities if they know that they can trust you to have their back.

We domesticate these animals, place them in captivity and train them to collect themselves in many unnatural ways with a rider on their backs or while pulling a buggy. Then we expect them to go out and show at the highest level; we have a huge responsibility to them for that. We have created many of the health problems that these horses struggle with today. A proper diet conducive to gut health, plenty of exercise away from constant confinement, regular health maintenance and ongoing necessary veterinary work when needed are the cornerstones to a successful and happy horse.

Magna Wave therapy will not necessarily produce a “Lazarus Effect.” There are some health problems that cannot be corrected with Magna Wave alone. However, Magna Wave therapy is a crucial tool in the proverbial tool belt, as far as I am concerned. It has been the decided edge to better overall health, happiness and consistent performances in my show horses. The before and after difference in the way they feel and perform has been remarkable. I wouldn’t attempt to show them now without the assistance of Magna Wave therapy.”